The Bihar State Sunni Waqf Board manages, supervise and control the Waqf properties in Bihar. The Waqf properties are managed by the board directly, by the Mutawallies and by Managing Committees. The Board has the overall authority to see that the Waqf is being managed properly. In case of mismanagement, the Board has power to remove the Mutawalli or the Managing Committee.

Every Mutawalli and Managing Committee is supposed to deposit seven percent of its income as Waqf contribution to the board. The law has devised this mechanism to give the board financial support from every Waqf. It has been seen that some Mutawallies and Committees, ignore this provision of law and the board has to enter into legal Consequences with the concerned parties. The law on this point is very clear. The Mutawalli is at liberty to utilise remaing value of the income as per the Waqfnama but he should pay some percent of the income to the board which is fixed.
Meaning of "Waqf"