Development of Wakf Properties

The Following urban Wakf Property of Wakf Estate belonging to Patna, Muzaffarpur, Chapra, Arrah have been developed by loan amount from central Wakf Council, New Delhi and own resources. Name Of Wakf Registration no. Kind of Development
1. Badshah Nawab Wakf Estate, Patna City 3/Patna Marketing Complex
2. Sugra Begum Wakf Estate, Muzaffarpur 64/Muz Marketing Complex & Residential
3. Akharaghat Graveyard,
Mosque & Karbala Wakf Estate
167/Muz Marketing shops
4. Mir Hasan Askari Wakf Estate, Arrah 121/Arrah Rest House & Shopping complex
5. Husaini Begum Wakf Estate, Chapra 163/Saran Residential Complex
6. Imambara Sangi Dalan Wakf Estate, Patna City 162/Pat Marketing Complex
7. Mahmood Ali Shia Graveyard, Patna 139/Patna Marketing Shops
8. Mosque Mulla Shadman Wakf Estate, Patna 153/Pat Hostel lodge
9. Mir Farzand Ali Wakf Estate, Patna 150/Pat Marketing Shops
10. Mahmooda Begum Wakf Estate, Muzaffarpur 185/Muz Market shops
11. Imambandi Begum Wakf Estate 1/Patna Market three shops
Besides the above development, the Board is presently directing the Mutawalli / Secretary Managing Committee of the Wakf Estate to prepare and submit viable development scheme like construction of Marketing/residential complex according to the potentialities and situation of the Wakf land some Mutawallis/ Secretary Managing Committee submitted Development Scheme of his Wakf Estate which is under consideration of the Board.
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