Development of Waqf Properties

The Following urban Waqf Property of Waqf Estate belonging to Patna, Muzaffarpur, East Champaran have been developed by Bihar State Waqf Development Scheme, Govt. of Bihar and its own resources. Name Of Waqf Registration No. Kind of Development
1. Anjuman Islamia Hall, Patna 2146/Patna G+6 Multi-Complex
2. Hazrat Syed Shaheed Peer Muradshah Mazar, Near High Court, Patna 663/Patna G+3 Multi-Complex
3. Baba Makhdoom Shah Anjan Peer Mazar Gali Sharif Mazar Gali, Sheikhpura, Patna 2353/Patna G+3 Multi-Complex
4. Golakpur Qabristan, Patna 2153/Patna Marriage Hall, Library & Coaching Institute
5. Hazrat Diwan Zafar Waqf Estate, Mir Mohalla Barh, Patna 2673/Patna G+2 Musafirkhana
6. Dhanaut Qabristan, Khagaul, Patna 1327/Patna Musafirkhana
7. Haji Khuda Bax Waqf Estate Ram Bagh, Muzaffarpur 1190/Muzaffarpur G+3 Multi-Complex
8. Noor Mohammad Waqf Estate, Bariyarpur, East Champaran 1628/East Champaran G+3 Multi-Complex
Besides the above development, the Board is presently directing the Mutawalli / Secretary Managing Committee of the Wakf Estate to prepare and submit viable development scheme like construction of Marketing/residential complex according to the potentialities and situation of the Wakf land some Mutawallis/ Secretary Managing Committee submitted Development Scheme of his Wakf Estate which is under consideration of the Board.
Meaning of "Wakf"