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The Bihar State Sunni waqf Board is a corporate body established in 1948 for the better administration of Waqf in the state of Bihar. The state Govt. promulgated an act called " The Bihar Waqf Act 1947 and under the provision of this act a Board in the name of "Bihar subai shia Majlish-e AWQAF" was constituted.

The Bihar Waqf Act 1947 was repealed on the enforcement and enactment of the Central Waqf Act 1954 in the year 1973 when a new Board was constituted under the provision of Central Waqf Act 1954 to provide protection, Supervision, better administration and proper utilization of income derived from Waqf properties for charitable Social, Economical and educational upliftment of Muslim community for which such Waqfs have created or intended.

Waqf properties are valuable assets of the nation and these assets may play a vital role in eradicating poverty, generating opportunities of employment, provided encouragement to poor and meritorious students and in furtherance of causes of needy and downtrodden of the community. In this way The Bihar State Sunni Waqf Board may play an important role in the development of muslim minority.

The waqf Act 1995 which come into force on 01.01.1996 by replacing the waqf act 1954 intends to provide better administration of waqf. The state Govt. through its minority department have implemented waqf Act 1995 and contituted Bihar State Sunni Waqf Board on 03.10.2001
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